Champions Curriculum Teacher’s Manual


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The Champions Curriculum Instructor’s Manual provides a comprehensive detailed step by step tutorial on how to implement the curriculum and so such more.  The purpose of the manual is to equip instructors to confidently teach Biblical principles in an easy, relevant and creative way that engages students while transforming their lives to be committed Christ followers.

The manual was written to be used as a training tool for new and seasoned instructors, volunteers, and pastors. In the manual you will find the answers to; who the curriculum was written for, what skills are taught, how the curriculum was developed, and the numerous ways the curriculum can be taught in a variety of settings.  It provides research based information on tackling the behaviors some Champions may have that kept exceptional students and their peers from learning.  There is a special section on how to minister to parents.

We believe that the special needs ministries are a family ministry, so this curriculum has special instructions for every lesson that supports parents/caregivers as they minister to their Champions in the home. The manual gives special instructions on how to encourage families to minister to their exceptional children each and every day.

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