Champions Curriculum


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Ministering to exceptional students can be challenging without the appropriate tools to meet their unique needs. The Champions Curriculum does just that and so much more. The foundation of the Champions Curriculum is the belief that all students, regardless of their abilities and disabilities, can learn. We have a 26 week full scope Christian curriculum for special needs that you can use in a home, school, church or organization. It is based on the tested and proven 7 G’s developmental philosophy which are the “Goal”, “Grab” their attention, “Grasp” the concept, “Guided” practice, “Get” it(reinforcement), “Go”(Take Home), and “Gauge” their success.

Each of the lessons has a comprehensive seven step guide with accommodations and modifications that provide exceptional students access to the concepts taught. It also teaches the basic Cognitive Behavior Therapy concept that our thoughts control our feelings and our feelings have a direct influence on our actions. The curriculum emphasizes that in any situation Champions can be at peace when they trust God and meditate on His Word. Since many of our exceptional students have difficulties with social skills, the lessons in the curriculum were created to enhance these skills. Social emotional skills promote social competence which is the basis for making and maintaining positive relationships.
A bonus included in the Champions Curriculum is a Teacher Resource Binder. This provides valuable tips on how to create a successful learning experience. Finally, the curriculum includes an extensive section on resources available for the families of Champions and ministry volunteers. This curriculum will be a valuable tool to help you effectively minister to those with special needs.

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