Champions Club Curriculum

We are so excited to introduce our NEW Curriculum for Special Needs. The Champions Club Curriculum seamlessly fits in your Champions Club special needs ministry but will work in any setting where children with special needs are taught.
With over a decade of experience in special needs ministry, we have learned a lot about ministering to children with special needs and the medically fragile. This Champions Club Curriculum is the result of combining our knowledge and practical experience. It is easy to implement, easy to understand, and most importantly, a lot of FUN for both champions and teachers!


With five different units, the Champions Club Curriculum brings you a full year’s worth of material to teach your students with special needs the Word of God. One entire unit is dedicated to holidays and special days, such as Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day, so your champions can receive the very best on those special days as well. The Champions Club Curriculum helps kids with special needs understand who God is and what God’s plan for their life is. The curriculum follows the four stations of development at Champions Clubs: Creative Learning, Sensory Development, Physical Development, and Spiritual Development. Each component plays an integral part in the development of individuals with special needs.
This Champions Club Curriculum is created for children with special needs from 4 to 12 years old. 


To build your best special needs ministry and receive in-depth training on how to implement this curriculum in your ministry, visit You’ll immediately gain access to all the training, toolkits, and documents you need for a thriving special needs ministry.



Unit 1: ‘God…Our Creator’.

The lessons of this unit will teach your champions about the story of creation, the character of God, their relationship with God, and God’s plan for their lives.

Unit 2: ‘Who God Uses’

With this unit, your students with special needs will learn about important biblical figures from the old testament: Noah, Abraham, Moses, and David.

Unit 3: ‘Jesus…Our Savior’

The lessons of this unit will teach your champions about Jesus, our Savior. Students with special needs will learn about Jesus’ life on earth and the great commission.

Unit 4: ‘New Covenant’

In this unit your students with special needs will learn about the gifts from the Holy Spirit, forgiveness of sins, and having big joy.

Unit 5: ‘Holiday Lessons’

This unit has 8 lessons you need for your students with special needs to celebrate holidays and special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, baptism, Palm Sunday, Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, as well as a lesson on baptism.