Special Needs Ministry

Special Needs Ministry

What does a Special Needs Ministry do?

A special needs ministry is a ministry that focuses on teaching individuals with special needs the Word of God. Did you know that over 41 million people in the United States have a disability? That’s a lot! In 2023, 1 in 36 kids are diagnosed with autism. So, if your church or organization has 100 kids, you’ll probably have some kids with autism in your group. And that’s not even counting children with a different diagnosis, such as down syndrome, cerebral palsy, or cognitive delays.

A lot of families are not be able to attend church together if that church doesn’t offer a specialized area where their children are safe and cared for. One parent often stays home with the child with special needs, or is forced to hang out in the church lobby for the entire service while the other parent sits in service. It’s even harder for single family households to attend church. Starting a special needs ministry will give families like these the opportunity to attend church together without having to worry about their child.

Champions Club goes over and above. We teach our kids, teens, and adults the Word of God. That’s the core of what we do. On top of that, we realized that we could play an essential role in the development of individuals with special needs. We help develop our students physically, emotionally, and creatively through various learning activities. We even teach life skills in our classrooms! Our structure, activities, and teaching methods reinforce what our children learn at school and what they work on during therapy sessions.

If you are thinking of starting a special needs ministry at your organization, we’d love to help launch a successful ministry. Contact us today to get started.

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