Join us for a new series of The Heart of the Caregiver

The Heart of the Caregiver is a transformational course for any caregiver that is feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities and emotions of caring for someone with special needs, disabilities, chronic illness or age-related issues. Through this course, you will come to see yourself, your situation and the people you care for in a whole new way – through the light of God’s amazing love.
Champions Club for Special Needs is excited to announce that author Mary Tutterow will start a new series of Heart of the Caregiver, starting on June 4, 2020. Continue reading to find out how to join this course for free

Flyer for Heart of the Caregiver online course

Joining us is easy! To join this course, sign up for free at to join the Champions Family Group. After joining, send an email to to receive your free workbook ($16.99 value) and join Mary for the live online sessions! 

What others say about this course

“I’ve been meaning to message you since yesterday. I just wanted to say that what your testimony did to me and my family yesterday was beyond words. After I listened in to your live session and just took in everything you shared, I literally felt like a scale was removed from my eyes. It was like the Holy Spirit was just showing me our boys for the 1st In a new light and it was beautiful!”

“I had my husband sit down and watch it with me again and his reaction was a confirmation of what I experienced. I could see the same filter being removed from his eyes. He cried just like me! The realness of your lives is a gift from God to many of us.” 

“Thank you! From the bottom of our hearts.. thank you!!! Having 2 boys with special needs can makes us a bit bitter and we lose focus of what the Lord is really trying to show us. The blessing in the brokenness. That recked us! Thank you”