Coming Out Of The Drought And Into The Abundance Of Rain – Part 1

Coming Out Of The Drought And Into The Abundance Of Rain – Part 1

The last 24 months my wife and I have experienced the most sovereign time after coming through the longest drought of our lives. We came out of the drought and into the abundance of rain.
As parents of a child with autism, sometimes in life things don’t go as planned. You thought you walked through the one door, and it seemed like life took a wrong turn. You found yourself in the desert. A drought of epic proportions.

I love Psalm 84:5-7 where it says,
Blessed is the man whose strength is in You;
You are not in the desert to die, you are in the desert so God can show you a new way to live.

Whose heart is set on pilgrimage;

Some droughts are short, some can be longer. Don’t give up! You have grace for today.

As they pass through the Valley of Baca;

The Valley of Baca in this scripture speaks of was part of the desert country. It was filled with thorns, wild animals, vipers, and all sorts of danger. It was nearly impossible to travel through this valley without suffering extreme hardship, and even suffering at times. Yet this valley was the only passageway into the high hills where Israel’s Cities of Refuge was located.
Some scholars state the valley of Baca was also representative of the valley that led to the city of Jerusalem where the temple of God was found.

When we’re going through a drought, we can either do three things…

  1. We can look down. That’s not ideal because we can only see the ground.
  2. We can look straight ahead. That’s better but the human eye can only see so far.
  3. We can look up to God. God sees what we could never see. He sees the City of Refuge and will give us faith to keep walking until we get there.

The scripture goes on and says:
They make it a spring;
The rain also covers it with pools.
They go from strength to strength;

Once you’ve conquered your desert you won’t respond to the next desert the same way. You move from being a survivor to being an overcomer. Your test becomes your testimony. You live in the vision, not in the circumstance.

Some of you are facing difficult struggles right now. You’re in a drought and you’ve forgotten what rain tastes like. Droughts can be anything. You can be in a drought in relationships, dealing with sickness, the death of a loved one, children who are struggling, financial issues, the loss of a job, or being faced with overwhelming obstacles for months, and maybe even years.

When you’re going through a drought, I believe there are two things that can bring you out of the drought and into an abundance of rain.

  1. Praying Bold Prayers
  2. Speaking The Word of God

In the next blogs, we’ll unpack how we can pray bold prayers and speak the word of God in our lives.
If you’re in a drought right now, we have a great support community ready to encourage you!